From Johns Hopkins Public Health Magazine (Spring 2010)


Race vs. Place

Can an integrated neighborhood in Southwest Baltimore help overturn decades of race-based assumptions about the origins of health disparities?

From both terra firma and Google Earth's satellite view of the world, census tracts 1902 and 1903 are entirely bleak, drained of color and vitality. Street after street of this impoverished Southwest Baltimore neighborhood reeks of unrelenting hardscrabble existence, of teenage mothers, cigarettes and sodas in hand, walking the same cracked pavement as prostitutes and drug dealers, all within eyeshot of millionaires' homes and Baltimore's major league baseball and football stadiums.

"Half the people out here have guns," admits a 15-year-old of this area bordering on Washington Village, known to the locals as Pigtown for the 19th-century swine that used to be herded through its streets...

(Read the rest of the story here: http://magazine.jhsph.edu/2010/spring/features/race_vs_place/page_1/)

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